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The activities of the International AICA include:
  • the annual Convention, held in a different country each time in collaboration with the national branches
  • the AICA Newsletter for the communication of the activities of all national branches and their members internationally
  • the collaboration and exchange schemes among national branches, aimed at bridging the gaps between contemporary artistic communities
  • the international promotion and dissemination of intellectual work in the area of contemporary art  
1981 - 1985, Activities of the Association of Greek Art Critics
  • exhibition, Environment-Actions. Current Trends in Greek Art, Ζappeion, 1981
  • the International Convention of AICA on L’Art Contemporain et le Monde Grec in Delphi, 1984, organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and UNESCO and in collaboration with the International Section of AICA and the European Cultural Centre of Delphi
  • publication of texts in collaboration with AICA, such as “Modern and Contemporary Art in Greece”, in: Bulletin of the Archives and Documentation Centers for Modern and Contemporary Art, AICARC Center, vol.11/1984, Zurich 1984
  • lectures on modern and contemporary art
2001 – 2006, Activities of AICA HELLAS AICA HELLAS has actively participated in the aims of the international Association, mainly through:
  • initiatives and events for promoting the scientific work of its members and demonstrating the contribution of art theory and criticism to the appreciation of contemporary art;
  • renewing the regular representation of the Hellenic Section in the international meetings and conferences of AICA and developing relations of close co-operation with AICA international.
The active participation of the Hellenic Section was recognized through the election of two of its members as vice-presidents of AICA international - Efi Strousa (2003-2006) and Irene Savvani (2006-2009). Specifically, AICA HELLAS has promoted events and projects in the following areas: Website of AICA HELLAS  AICA HELLAS now operates its own website, with links to similar organisations in Greece and internationally. Publications

The Art Library series of art-critical texts by older and younger colleagues

a) "Μανόλης Ανδρόνικος. Κείμενα για την Τέχνη", [Manolis Andronikos, Texts on Art], edited by Angeliki Sahini, AICA HELLAS, Thessaloniki 2001; b) “Πέντε Οµιλίες για τον Μανόλη Ανδρόνικο”, [Five Lectures on Manolis Andronikos], Athens 2002; c) forthcoming publication of the following conference proceedings:

  • "Fluid Borders. Art in an Era of Change”, Papers from the International Symposium on Art Criticism of AICA Hellas, Athens, 25 Oct 2001
  • “Centripetal and Centrifugal Trends; Methods and Roles of Criticism”, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Art Criticism of AICA Hellas, Athens, 7-8 Dec 2002
  • “Contemporary Art and Public Space”, Proceedings of the International Symposium of AICA Hellas, Athens, 10-11 Dec 2005

d) Κριτική+Τέχνη [Criticism + Art], Issue no. 1, Athens 2007; a periodical publication edited by Dimitris Deliyannis

Conferences and International Congresses

2001 Conference on Fluid Borders. Art in an Era of Change, with participants from Greece, Sarajevo and Ireland, hosted by the Cultural Organization of the City of Athens on October 25, 2001


2002 Tribute to the critical work of Manolis Andronikos at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, in Thessaloniki on April 26, with his students and colleagues, the archaeologist Chryssoula Paliadeli, art historian Angeliki Sachini, Professors Nikos Nikonanos and Dimitris Fatouros and the poet Titos Patrikios


2002 “Eleni Vakalo” International Symposium on Centripetal and Centrifugal Trends; Methods and Roles of Criticism, Goethe Institut, Athens, 7-8 December 2002. As a tribute to Eleni Vakalo, one of the most important figures of the arts and letters in the second half of the twentieth century, AICA HELLAS instituted an International Symposium called “Eleni Vakalo”.


2003 Participation, in collaboration with AICA International, in the Symposium and Seminars organised by the Turkish Section on Art Criticism and Curatorial Practices east of the EU, as part of the Biennale of Istanbul, 18-21 Sep 2003 2004 Collaboration with AICA International and the Goethe Institute of Thessaloniki in the Round Table Discussion on Realities in the Balkans and the role of the Curator, organised by the Organisation for the Promotion of Greek Culture of Thessaloniki, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, 21 May 2004 2004 ΑTHENS BY ART, exhibition organised jointly with the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Athens, held in public spaces in the historical centre of Athens, with 14 art critics, members of AICA HELLAS, and 83 participating artists; Athens, August-September 2004 2005 International Symposium, Contemporary Art and Public Space, Goethe Institute, Athens 10-11 Dec 2005. The Greek and foreign participants included 17 speakers from the fields of art theory, sociology, architecture, art history and art criticism, and 17 artists 2006 Speeches as part of Recall 438 b.C. – Panathinea, Day 1, organised by the Hellenic Academy of Modern Art (ΗΑΜΑ); papers by Dimitris Deliyannis, Emmanuel Mavrommatis, Irene Savvani, Fay Tzanetoulakou, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens, 10 May 2006 2007 Seminar From art studies to professional Practice, Benaki Museum, 22, 23 Feb 2007. Organised by AICA HELLAS in collaboration with AICA International and the Sections of Denmark, Ireland and Spain, and attended by representatives from art schools in Greece, Hungary, Rumania, Serbia, Turkey, FYROM and the Czech Republic. Participation in a European Programme, in collaboration with AICA International and the Sections of Denmark, Ireland and Spain, for the European Exhibition of Young Artists, at “La Centrale Electrique”, the Contemporary Art Centre of Brussels, in 2008

Institution of the AICA HELLAS Award, to be given every two years.

The ceremony for the AICA HELLAS 2007 Award was held at the Benaki Museum on May 2, 2007. The 2007 Award of AICA HELLAS was sponsored by the J F Costopoulos Foundation.

  • The 2007 Award was given to Nikos Navridis for his work 18: Beckett – Breath 2005, presented in the 51st Biennale of Venice in 2005
  • Distinctions were presented to Leda Papakonstantinou for the exhibition of her works from 1969 to 2004 at the Bei Hamam (Paradise Baths) in Thessaloniki in 2006; to Rena Papaspyrou for the exhibition Total visibility blinds me at the “Gazon Rouge” Gallery in Athens, 2006; and to Nikos Charalambidis for the work Social Gym #336, shown in the 27th Biennale of Sao Paulo in 2006
  • The Commendation to a Young Artist was awarded to Panayotis Loukas for the series of works he presented in the solo exhibition ο Nihilistic Decoration, in Hamburg 2005
Scheduled events and projects for 2007 – 2008
  • publication of the proceedings of the events organized by AICA HELLAS and promotion of research and publishing activities
  • a study on developing a digital archive of the writings of Greek art historians and critics
  • invitations to art historians and critics, to come to Greece and give lectures, discuss current issues from the field of art and culture with their Greek colleagues and become acquainted with the Greek art scene.