CRITIC + ART issue 1


Winter 2006

This publication has been a request from all members of our Union, since many years. The proposal of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly to take over the editing of the first issue was and is an honor for me. I accepted it knowing that the Association of Greek Art Critics AICA HELLAS needs its "stand", where the speech, thoughts, ideas and proposals of its members will be recorded.

Every beginning is difficult. For those who know, there is always the "fear of emptiness" in the first step. I have often wondered how and with what material will the context be "filled", as we all know that it is difficult to respond to the non-professional publications. That was the reason that led me to devise a dialogue with our members. A dialogue general or specific, thematic or slightly enigmatic is not something that would be of particular importance. My primary goal was to activate our members to express an opinion, around the question "Where is art going today", an occasion for writing and reorganizing critical thinking in the now. The result with the difference of positions or even convergences is exactly what we all need: Dialogue - dialogue - dialogue and not SILENCE!

My thanks to both the previous and the current Board of Directors who supported this first step, a written stand of criticism + art, as well as all the collaborators who contributed with their texts to this edition.

Dimitris Deligiannis

Professor of Art History and Museum Education of the University of Thessaly